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Saturday, July 9, 2016

"The Farm to School Initiative" Encourages Action

I was excited to read about a new initiative taking place which urges local farmers to increase their efforts to sell to local schools. In a tropical location where agriculture tends to thrive, it just makes sense to feed our students with locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. According to Pacific Business News, the new pilot program gives farmers until mid July to submit their interest. 

"The Farm to School Initiative" has a goal to address the issues surrounding the purchasing of local food for school cafeterias while increasing state purchases of reasonably priced local food for school menus. Considering the State Department of Education has over 250 public schools and feeds about 100,000 students and employees each day, it seems The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education have teamed up with the local community to blaze a trail that seems inevitable. Share this groundbreaking program with friends and neighbors as local farmers are encouraged to participate. 

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