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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" says one of the keys to success in life is a PMA- a Positive Mental Attitude.

I realize with all the bad press out there, it is difficult to maintain a positive mental attitude. Well, my broke brother-in-law will tell me, "I'm POSITIVE that the end of the world is near!" I don't think that is what Napoleon had in mind.

I scour the media for that positive news. I don't believe in watching Constant Negative News CNN. There are sources out there with the good stuff, although those sources are few, and they are careful not to have a bent in that direction.

Here is some of that Positive News I found over the past couple of days:

1. Hawaii foreclosure rate fell in June by 13.5% from May! 706 properties in June went in foreclosure vs. 816 in May.

2. The jobless rate in Hawaii for June was 7.4%, unchanged from May.

3. Stocks ended the week with an enormous gain, about 7% for the week!

4. New Home construction across the U.S. rose in June to the highest level in SEVEN MONTHS! Up 3.6% from May! This was the second straight monthly increase.

5. Bank of America joined other major banks in reporting better-than-expected second quarter earnings on Friday.

6. Friday I saw Paul Brewbaker, chief economist for Bank of Hawaii. Paul said that the bottom of Oahu SFR sales happened in January, and inventory has been shrinking ever since. He pointed out that increased sales and decreased inventory always precede increases in prices. He also pointed out: "Wouldn't you be an idiot to miss the $8000 tax credit from the Federal Government, these historically low interest rates, combined with these phenomenal prices and still crazily negotiable sellers??!!"

We may never see an opportunity like this again in our lifetimes.

All in all, folks, the end IS near. The end of all the BAD news, that is! Hallelujah!

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